January 12, 2018

Feeling Random Friday #8 with Lauren Tyger

On the second Feeling Random Friday for today I bring you Lauren! My friend Tasha tagged me in the above photo from Lauren's Instagram account, and I'm glad she did. The message, "Embrace the chaos" is one that I can definitely learn to embrace. I suffer from first child, type A perfectionism syndrome.

Lauren has a sassy feminist vibe and isn't afraid to put into stitches what we're all thinking. In addition to her embroidery, you can live vicariously through Lauren and her world travels and busy life via her Instagram feed. You can find Lauren on Instagram and Etsy. Here are some of my favorites.

A post shared by Lauren Tyger (@tyger_l1) on

A post shared by Lauren Tyger (@tyger_l1) on

A post shared by Lauren Tyger (@tyger_l1) on

Hi, I'm Amy - I feature interesting embroidery and stitch-related photos I find on Instagram. I'm a hand embroiderer and maker.

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