February 2, 2018

Feeling Random Friday #9 with Bobbin and Fred

Happy Friday to you! I hope that you're having or have had a great day. Today I want to share with you Shannan of Bobbin and Fred. She's a needlework designer who is also a craft project designer and writer specializing in hand stitch. She makes the most beautiful needlepoint pieces. I mean, look at that gorgeous needlework craft tote/purse! She also knits, sews, and embroiders. You can find Shannan on Instagram and on her website. Here are some of my favorites from her Instagram feed. I encourage you to go check her out!

Hi, I'm Amy - I feature interesting embroidery and stitch-related photos I find on Instagram. I'm a hand embroiderer and maker.

You can find my embroidery and crafts on:
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