December 14, 2018

Feeling Random Friday #4 with Oz and Belle

Did you notice I didn't post last Friday? My good friend, Colleen, had her baby a week early on Tuesday, December 4th, and I have been absolutely smitten with him!! Until this past Saturday evening when I became ill, my life was focused on baby Caden and helping Colleen out around her house.

This week we feature Oz and Belle. They are two women, Gina and Sarah, who are friends, colleagues, and first-time mums. I love that the two of them are creating together with embroidery! I would love to have someone local to me who would want to stitch, create, and blog together.

I enjoy the colorfulness of their art, and also their use of mixed media in their embroidery. You can find them on Instagram, Etsy, their Website, Facebook, and their NuMONDAY shop.

Here are some of my favorites from Oz and Belle's Instagram feed!

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