January 8, 2019

Final post: the Twelve Days of Christmas

Finished 12 Days of Christmas ornaments - pattern by Mmmcrafts, as stitched by floresita and shared on Feeling Stitchy

It took me long enough, but I couldn't help sharing one final photo of all of my completed ornaments!

What took me so long? Just that I am a recovering perfectionist... :)

Finished 12 Days of Christmas ornaments - pattern by Mmmcrafts, as stitched by floresita and shared on Feeling Stitchy

I love the phrase "recovering perfectionist" because it describes my crafting nature perfectly (pun intended). :) I waited for days to get good light (artificial light just isn't the same). I moved each ornament around, futzed with little gold hanging strings (which would always tangle and bend the wrong way. In the end, I was NEVER HAPPY, I just had to suck it up and post a photo.

As luck would have it, I just happened to post the photo to our Instagram page on the actual 12th Day of Christmas, yesterday. :) It occurred to me that I had never known when the days of Christmas really are - my Google search confirmed that they actually begin on the 25th and continue through Jan 6, celebrated by some as the Feast of the Epiphany.

I really like this idea - because I don't know about you, but I always have this uncomfortable feeling of loss the day after Christmas - that strange time between Christmas and early January, I always want to continue to be filled with Christmas joy, so I leave my tree up - this year I even left my opened gifts under the tree, so I could see them and be thankful. I mailed late Christmas cards, because, chemo, but I enjoyed extending my observance of the holiday season. I think I'll use this definition of the days of Christmas from now on, to celebrate and appreciate the season more deeply.

I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me their own versions via email - they've been so lovely to see!

#twelvedaysornaments on Instagram

I was so inspired throughout my process by Larissa's hashtag #twelvedaysornaments on Instagram - there are SO MANY beautiful versions there, I thought I'd share a few of my (many) favorites here:

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Hope you enjoyed this feature, as I plan for the new year! Did you know about the history of the days of Christmas?

And just out of curiosity - do you have a favorite, out of all the ornaments I stitched this year? :)

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