April 7, 2007

Mommy, can I try that?

My heart did a little leap for joy when my daughters expressed interest in my embroidery. I must admit that I wasn't sure about giving my 3-year-old a needle.

Lacing cards are a nice introduction to the actions of sewing and embroidery. Here's how to make your own:

Lightweight cardboard (I cut a side out of a shoe box)
Hole punch
Shoe string

Draw shape, name, etc., onto cardboard. Punch holes, following lines of drawing.

Tie knot in one of shoelace and let your little one start stitching!

Once our lace-up cards were worn out we graduated to this:

Available here

For more ideas use your favorite search engine to find lace-up cards, lacing cards, or sewing cards.


  1. This is great..I can't wait to start this project with my daughter, thanks!

  2. Hi, I've made those too, but we would use a big darning needle to punch holes and sew with, and plain knitting wool- because that's all there in the stash!

  3. Great idea! Have you tried styrofoam food trays (cleaned in the dishwasher first of course)? My three-year-old goes to town on them using my scrap yarn and a fat, blunt plastic needle.

  4. What about graduating from shoe laces and cardboard to those big plastic "needles" with yarn and a fabric like burlap? It would allow her to sew "more like mom" without the danger of sticking herself with a sharp needle.

  5. what hole punch did you use?