April 21, 2007

So proud

My oldest daughter was so excited to start her first sewing project with a "real" needle. It was just about this time last year. She made a Mother's Day card for Grandma Mary.

She started with a piece of felt and drawing a simple picture with a disappearing ink fabric pen. She was ready to go.

Here is the finished embroidery project after it was attached to a card.Be patient with kids who are learning to embroider. It may involve a lot of helping remove stitches, making knots, and finding the needle when it's dropped...on the carpet!

Here are some kid's embroidery projects I found at Flickr:
1. Kid Embroidery, 2. First Embroidery Project, 3. Embroidery Samplers, 4. more embroidery


  1. This is wonderful - what beautiful work your daughter did! :)

  2. This is terrific! I love to see kids crafting. I have to post the little felt daisy my daughter stitched up last summer.

  3. I often have kids in my basic stitches class that I teach at SCA events. I find them to be great, as they generally pick up the techniques really well. And they aren't afraid of making mistakes as adults can be. Great effort, I'm sure Grandma will love the card.


  4. This is very cute. It reminds me of my grandmother teaching me different crafts through the years. One of the first things was knitting. I couldn't really get the hang of it though, because I was left handed and it was all back to front!