October 1, 2008

Halloween embroidery ideas

Halloween Coasters
from Green Jello - read more on her blog

A few of you were wondering what to do with your Halloween or holiday embroideries (aside from the typical tea towel or framing). How about some coasters? Or a handmade trick or treat bag? Or a Halloween, t-shirt, onesie, or apron?

A small stitchery in a mini-hoop would be a quick and easy "sign" to hang on your door, so kids know where candy is available...

Stitched from Annie Oakleaves' free ghost patterns


  1. cute, cute, cute!! I'm making a onsie for my little grandbaby and then....maybe some other fun things. Your coasters are sweet!

    I could only print off the Halloween ghosties in full page format. Is there a way to print them larger?