October 12, 2008

Tommy's Shirt started the search.......

I found this adorable embroidery this morning as I was browsing for inspiration. I just adore the free spirit of children......This is from reikosensei 's flickr pages. I think I may have to go through all those "under the bed" boxes where I saved my children's art pages I couldn't discard. All my children did a great deal of drawing, so I should have quite a stash of patterns.

Then, there are the cute patterns for childrens projects like the one I found in Laura Hartich's photostream.

Then, there are always inspiration from childrens books as One Good Apple shows us.

Claire Garland publishes a book about embroidery for children as seen on the Paper Doll photostream.

Check out the pirates in the former link pages........they are pretty cute!


  1. eeep! i love the i'm a robot one.. so adorable!!!

  2. I was just minutes ago looking through my bookshelf for embroidery books to pass along to someone who is new to the craft and found that same embroidery book of children's things. I had forgotten all about it. It is wonderful!

  3. I like the idea of using children's art. I may have to go rummage through my kids' stuff too.


  4. aww that robot is cute, I'm jsut learning to embroider and have embroidered a little robot doodle I did, but not half as cute as that.

    I love the idea of using children's art, now if only my son would draw things other than scribbles he calls "Machines"

  5. Years ago I was on vacation and finished the project I had with me. I asked my then 4 or 5 yo daughter to draw me a picture to embroider. It's a picture of a girl (her) in her favorite striped stripe dress. We framed both - they were up on her wall for several years and now are in storage for her to give to her kids. She still checks in sometimes to be sure I have them waiting!

  6. I think i am addicted to your blog, everyday (even my busiest) i find myself looking to see more cute ideas! Thank you for having amazing work for me to look at =D

  7. oh my goodness. i just now noticed why my robot embroidery has had a lot of new views lately! thank you so much for including me here. i am so flattered. you don't even know.

  8. I love all of these. What great ideas..