October 21, 2008

Fall Challenge Winner and Tea Towels Galore!

Fall is indeed upon us and hopefully everyone is nestled in for lots of crafting. There has been so much going on over at Craftster that I need to step back and take a breath. First, I would love to announce the winner of the Fall Challenge, "What does Fall mean to you". It's Anya Kase! Check out her wonderful Jack-o-Latern!

A special thanks to everyone who entered. You can check out all the entries over on Craftster.
Second, The wonderful Lilyvanili put together a wonderful Tea Towel set swap. Each person had to send out at least three tea towels. I can't believe all the awesome talent! I'm so sad I didn't join. Maybe there will be another round (hint, hint).

1. Eighty Five Percent confusion, 2. Eighty Five Percent Confusion 1, 3. AllieStar, 4. AndreaDenielll, 5. AndreaDenielll1, 6. beckster, 7. beckster1, 8. camelama_clouds, 9. diablita, 10. diablita1, 11. camelama_twiggy, 12. leeska, 13. Megan, 14. Nicole, 15. Nicole1, 16. Lilyvanilli, 17. elvissatx, 18. fiberartsy, 19. fiberartsy1, 20. Jessarama, 21. la la laurrenn, 22. la la laurrenn 1, 23. PerachYafeh1, 24. sixblueirises1, 25. smittenheart, 26. psoupdesigns, 27. psoupdesigns1, 28. SampsonsLynnie, 29. santacruzsugar4, 30. santacruzsugar5, 31. Sewsew-a-gogo, 32. sixblueirises, 33. SugarySweet, 34. SugarySweet1, 35. zombiekilla1, 36. zombiekilla


  1. Awesome! Thanks for blogging about our swap! I'm thinking I'll do another round in January!

    Congratulations to Anya Kase! That's such a great design!

  2. AGH! I am so mad I didn't join this swap as well!! I want all those towels!! can't wait till January!

  3. Good job everyone! These are wonderful embroideries!

  4. Beautiful! Some many clever designs and great stitching!

  5. What terrific towels! I made the "Good Cook" towel last year. Love the "ritual" pumpkin towel.