January 5, 2010

Sweet elephant

Embroidered elephant.
Stitched by melissann

Anyone else feel like an elephant after all the holiday eating? Well, maybe embroidering this cute little guy will help take your mind off the 10 workouts you have planned... Stitched from a free pattern by Quack the Wooleyduck.

Get the free pattern here!


  1. Is there an animal bigger than an elephant that I can feel like? We went to a New Year's day gathering where we literally sat at the kitchen counter for 5 hours eating and laughing. I hope the laughing burned some calories!

  2. I feel like a herd of elephants after Christmas :) I think all I did besides cook was EAT! :)
    Sweet Elephant!

  3. Look at this fellows eyes. He's a rather content elephant!

  4. it took me a little over an hour while watching grey's anatomy but i did it...http://gloriac333-fromtexaswithlove.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-attempt-to-your-sweet-elephant.html

  5. I like that embrodery. Makes it so cute.

  6. Love it! Love the photo, too!