March 22, 2010

My favourite embroidery book...

Ike Owls

Ike Rosen has influenced me hugely.

"Modern Embroidery" is one of my all time favourite embroidery books. It was published in English in 1972 & is worth buying for the fabulous styling alone! Apart from that I love the use of chain stitch as a "fill" stitch. It's now my filler of choice.

Ike Mushrooms

I really truly think that anybody who has a keen interest in stitchery should own a copy.

Ike Easter

There are quite a few super cute easter projects too.

If you can track one down on ebay it's a great one to have in the library.

Edit: You guys are keen...excellent.

Here are the particulars for anybody now on the hunt

Modern Embroidery
by Ike Rosen
First published in English 1972
B.T Batsford Ltd
ISBN 0 7134 2655 1


  1. That looks a great book! I'm very in to finding different filling stitches at the moment.

    Have just ordered a second hand copy from Amazon!

  2. My impulsive mouse finger just bought a copy too, from Abebooks. There were a couple of other copies available. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Those bunnies are incredibly sweet! I will have to track down a copy! :)

  4. oh, i love the idea of using the chain stitch as a fill stitch (the satin stitch and i have yet to become friends...). thanks for the tip!

  5. I agree... those are wonderfully neat, tidy and filling stitches. I prefer the 'full' stitch variety to the thinner ones. I think it makes a project look so much more complete. Thanks for the book recommendation!

  6. Pretty! I also *love* that little crocheted ring! Is it a tiny granny square?

  7. Gotta love those seventies embroidery patterns!

    I'm really liking that bunny cloth.

  8. Glad you're all so keen. I'm sure you'll love the book.

    I've updated the post with all the book details.

    Ike Rosen is the author.

    Yes a tiny granny square & thanks.

  9. I got a copy from and they seemed to have a few on there. Thanks for the recommendation- I *love* 70s embroidery!

  10. I will have to go find that book... but I gotta say I so dig the ring! Is the pattern for that in the book or is it your idea. Would love to have a closer peek.

  11. I found it online at! Got it for only $9 plus $4 shipping :) Squee!

  12. I think I've seen chain stitch used as a fill stitch in other pieces from the 70s, too. Must have been a look back then! Sounds like a great book, though! Thanks for the info!

  13. Glad to hear so many of you have been successfully buying up copies of Ike's book.

    You can see the ring more clearly here.

  14. Ive been using the chain stitch for fill for a long time. It's a little like painting......
    The book looks like a real inspiration--thanks for sharing!

  15. oop embroidery books are the *best*

  16. I ordered a used copy from Amazon for $3 when I read your post. It came yesterday and wow, the most awesome-est $3 I've spent in a very long time. I *heart* that book. I can't wait to delve deeper. Thank you so much for the recommendation!! I do laugh at all the completed project pictures though from the 1970s. Every single table that is pictured has a little cup of cigarettes available for guests. That's not something you see anymore.

  17. I just received my copy in the mail from Ruth Kern books via Abe books. What a super book! It indeed belongs in every stitcher's library.

  18. this book looks amazing! i was only able to find 2 copies online and both were priced at $253.00. rats! i'll be searching for it in the thrift shops all summer :)