August 25, 2010

Put yourself on the map

View Stitchers! in a larger map

Hey! If you are all stitchy why not add yourself to this map set up by GiddyGirlie? I am on there, are you? ;-)


  1. I would love to add little old me to the map but I have no idea how. Please explain!

  2. I'm on!!

    Nicole, it's easy... go to the map, and click "edit" when you do, the option of adding a location will pop up IN THE MAP, then you just put the blue bubble thing where you're at. Zoom in to your location before adding the location first though, it's harder afterwards.

    Good luck!

  3. I can't figure out how to put myself on the map either!!! HELP!

  4. Thanks Lisa! I managed to figure it out earlier today but hopefully your explanation can help others. It's such a fun idea! :)

  5. Neat! I will absolutely participate. Thanks for the explanation as well!

  6. Thanks for blogging about the map! It's so exciting to watch it grow!

    If anyone needs help adding themselves, just email me at giddygirlie at gmail dot com. Send me your name/screen name, your city/state/country and any info you want to share (blog, Flickr acct, etc.) and I will add it for you! :D

  7. Great idea!!!!
    from Portugal;))
    Happy stitching:)))