November 19, 2010


Photo by Jote,
I am absolutely in love (or over the moon haha, sorry couldn't resist) with this entry for the Nasa/Etsy Space Craft Contest by Rachel Hobson, aka Average Jane Crafter.  Apparently there is a chance that an handmade item will fly in space on board of one of the final space shuttle flights. Sadly Rachel's piece didn't make it to the next round (boo!) but the good news is that we get to keep it on our planet for now (yay!) The stitches are amazing both in execution and variety, the texture is absolutely wonderful and you can tell from this embroidery how much Rachel loves the subject!  Read more about this on Rachel's  blog.


  1. Thanks so much, Nicole! I appreciate your kind words. It's been a true joy to share this project with people & I'm so flattered to be featured here!


  2. Hell yeah, this is awesome in so many ways! :-)

  3. This is totally beautiful and awesome. Much to beautiful for a place only a few people will see it anyway. Wonderful beautiful job!

  4. This is the second time I've seen this amazing piece. Very creative.


  5. Good news is there was some sort of error in the voting and this piece of Rachel's is back in the running.
    To vote for Rachel's inspiring piece (if your an Etsy user) go here