February 8, 2011

French Knots + Pillows = Awesome

Quilted pillows have become extremely popular items over on Flickr. Sewists seem to love the more manageable nature of pillow projects versus full-sized quilts -- you can design and make a pillow in a single sitting, trying new techniques and fabric combinations along the way. It's (nearly) instant gratification! This trend is no doubt fueled by the wildly popular Pillow Talk Swap, an online swap that showcases pillows from some supremely talented crafters and is a neverending source of inspiration.

Today I'd like to highlight some amazing pillows made by Rebecca (badecca on Flickr) that feature both amazing fabric combinations and inspired touches of embroidery. I'd love to have a few of these in my home!

French Knot Pillow

French knot bursts is a feature that Rebecca uses liberally in her projects. I love the dark, masculine color scheme of this pillow and the understated yet effective touch of embroidery.

French Knots

Here's another take on her French knot bursts, introducing orange to add a beautiful and bright color element:

French Knots Pillow

This is a great "in-process" shot, illustrating how Rebecca might think through her color and fabric selections:

French Knots - Browns on Blue

LOVE how the small red pindots are pulled into the French knot element here:

French Knots - Red and Browns on Brown

Rebecca doesn't only do French knots, though. Here is a pair of pillows featuring a fascinating shark design:


I know this is an embroidery blog, but I couldn't help but share a picture of these two pillows, featuring some of my favorite Joel Dewberry fabric and made from traditional Japanese quilt block patterns:

Joel Dewberry Pillows

Some more Japanese quilt block-inspired pillows:

Japanese Quilt Block Pillows

And finally, here's a pillow featuring an embroidered sketch of Rebecca's so masterfully integrated into the pillow design:

Lines and Squares pillow

Want to tackle a quick and easy sewing project that can showcase one of your embroidered pieces? Consider a pillow!


  1. The french knots are a wonderful addition to your beautiful cushions.

  2. i love this so much! such a great idea and rebecca has some really beautiful pillows.

  3. beautiful work. I think the last one is my fav!

  4. I've been noticing these pillows a lot lately! Thanks for posting such a nice collection. Sigh. Another project to do for myself sometime that I may or may not get to! ;)

  5. Cute cushions but French Knots are my nemesis (nemesises? nemesi?) I CANNOT get them to work.

  6. Great pillows. I really like the French knotties.


  7. It depends on your preferred design. Come up with several fabric variations as well.

  8. Those are really nice pillows. I would love to buy one of those. I think they're nice.

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