April 11, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

The rotten apple
I love when people take vintage patterns and update them. Lacerslife created this rotten apple embroidery and it is FAB! I love how all the other apples are happy and having a good time and of course, it takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone. I think he has the right idea, how happy would you be if you were about to be turned into a pie?

Hi, I'm Pam - I've been a moderator for the Needlework boards on Craftster since 2004 and you can also see me in the Craftster Quickies video series.

I am a lover of all things vintage but I particularly have a fondness for vintage embroidery patterns, which I collect every chance I can get!


  1. Oh - I like this!
    Maybe I should embroider an angry and scary dog and send that to a blogger who just sent me a horrible and mean email?
    HAHA - well.. inspiration is everywhere and no - I don't want to be a part of an apple pie - unless of course if I can be the one with the attacking fork/spoon:-))

  2. Thanks for posting this one! I had a lot of fun stitching it!