January 10, 2013

New Stitches with Portuguese Soul - part I

Olá! Last months I've been talking about Portuguese embroidery from "old times", but I would like to begin this year showing new and fresh stitches from "our times"... As so, for the coming weeks I'll fill these posts with the works of very different embroiderers that have in common their Portuguese soul.

While trying to introduce each embroiderer and their stitches I felt how poor my English is... I would need many more adjectives to describe how I feel about them! But I'll do my best!

And I will begin with the most difficult job... Introducing Avó Méri  (grandmother Méri - aunt Méri for me) is not easy. I need more time and I will have it soon... You have my word! For now I would like to tell you that I believe she is the best ambassador possible of Portuguese embroidery. Her work and fidelity to our stitching traditions are known worldwide... And it's even more difficult to choose one of her pieces of embroidery. Her hydrangeas would be perfect, the linen bags embroidered with a kind of baker's twine are truly original and what to say about drawn thread works... But this embroidered needlebook touched my heart and I had to follow it...

Embroidered needlework by Avó Méri, blogged here.

Luisa embroideries are only one of her needles' interests... The beauty of these stitches makes it so difficult to believe that she is also such a great knitter,  powerful with crochet hooks and an expert in quilting/patchwork. That's why her blog (de ponto em nó), her shop and workshops  are so inspiring for many Portuguese crafters.

Embroidered paisleys, by Luisa, blogged here

The next picture is from Adriana's work . Belonging to her Herbarium Collection, these bookmarks are embroidered on linen using her ferns' drawings. Although bags are her most famous product, I've chosen this photo because I was delighted about it. But, please, follow the links and get to know her work. I love all the details and how embroidering makes her projects so special. Even when she chooses the most unexpected themes... You'll be lost in her blog (mundo fio)...

Fern bookmarks
Embroidered bookmarks by Adriana, blogged here
A less advised look at Isabel's work would found no traditional inspiration in her stitches... But that isn't true and this photo proves it. The simplicity of her charming patterns and stiches made my job of choosing a photo almost impossible. I was tempted to choose one of the world or houses embroidered pillows. And the bookcovers could have been a great option, too. But since I saw this hoop picture I could not get my eyes off it. I love the switness of Isabel's pattern and the minuteness of her stitches. And I believe I've made the perfect choice from all her work in rosa e chocolat (pink and chocolate).

"Hand Stitched" Embroidery SWAP
Isabel's stitches and own pattern from her hoops' set in flickr

I'm happy with today's post... So many different and beautiful stitches with Portuguese soul...


  1. Uauu! Que orgulho em ser portuguesa;)
    Parabéns por mais este artigo. Permitiu-me conhecer a Adriana e como bióloga, fã de bordados, fiquei fascinada.

    As restantes já as conhecia. A Avó Méri tem sido para mim uma excelente ajuda. A Luísa tive o prazer de a conhecer durante os patchsolidários.

  2. OMG! Just back fm flicker, and I can totally understand why you had a hard time trying to decide which piece to show. I love them all, only wish I had this type of talent. Thanks for showing me such beautiful works.

  3. I don't know why you are worried about your English. It is so good and you described all these beautiful embroiderers work so perfectly. I'd easily say that your writing is much better than mine. Look forward to reading your next posts.
    Rosie xx

  4. Wow the stitches are so precise, and the patterns have so much detail, I hope I can work my way up to things like that eventually. I love her blog too!

  5. Gabi,
    dessa relação conheço a primeira - Avó Meri, com quem já tive o rpazer de participar de um workshop, e a última . Visitei as demais e gostei de todas...muito obrigada por divulgar tão inspiradas criadoras e seus lindos trabalhos...

    abraços de Maria Filomena

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