January 17, 2013

New Stitches With Portuguese Soul - Part II

Olá! This week I have some more modern stitches with Portuguese soul to show you... All of them talk a little bit about our country - our Portugal. The sea, the tiles and the fabrics inspired these stitches as it often happens in Portuguese art. 

Let's begin...

Ana, from fric de mentol,  describes her stitching work as a "mixed media embroidery artwork" once her pieces are hand screenprinted and hand embroidered with cotton thread. 

I could have chosen her enigmatic trees, the charming mandolin player or the irreverence of Madame Potato. But the first time I saw the "solitaire" it remembered me of Portuguese fishermen. And I questioned myself how this figure can tell us so much about Portuguese soul... The sea, the nostalgia, the saudade... So romantic, too. Threads are used like ink - no doubt they paint our soul... And they make us have round dreams... Don't forget to pass by Ana's blog, drops de mentol.

Solitaire and gold fishes, from Ana's Flickr
Sofia is her real name but in the blogosphere she is Tayari, a borboleta serrana (the mountain butterfly). Her love for Serra de Sintra justifies both this name and the blog that she writes "between the mountain and the sea", ponto sem nó (stitch without knot). She is a passionate embroiderer. Do you imagine how many hours has she spent cross-stitching? She loves teaching and sharing her incredible knowledge. And I love how she mixes tradition and modern patterns.

I've chosen this image because it remembered me of Portuguese ceramic tile. And I was right... This was a gift to someone passionate about Lisbon's ceramic tile...

azulejo bordado
 Cross stitch "ceramic tile" pattern, by Sofia.

The details of Maria's work are irresistible. Her dolls , Violetas, are so sweet that for some moments we believe they belong to a dream. Some of them are beautifuly decorated with embroidery and I've chosen one of those to show you. This is a very special one because she's wearing a Portuguese traditional fabric, too - chita de Alcobaça. But it was difficult to choose once the dress of theVioleta nº 42 is also very beautiful. 

And what to say about her bird's bag... If you like appliqué embroidery browse Maria's bags set and don't forget to visit her blog, kase-faz.

Beautiful stitches from Violeta's dress.

I'll continue searching for beautiful Portuguese stitches just for you...


  1. Obrigada Gabi por mais este artigo! Obrigada por divulgares o que é feito na nossa Terra, com alma Lusa. com tanto empenho e carinho. Estou e estarei sempre atenta ao teu trabalho.

    Ana e Maria parabéns pelo vosso excelente trabalho! Senti-me profundamente feliz quando me vi ladeada por artesãs tão brilhantes!

  2. Adore "ceramic tile" - it's gorgeous!

  3. Many Thanks, Gabriela, for having here Le Solitaire and also for making these wonderful compilations with Portuguese soul!