January 30, 2013

A Challenge!

Hey there all you wonderful stitchy people! Are you up for a fun challenge? Over at Craftster we are doing an altered image needlework challenge. Check it out! If you are not a member of Craftster, go and sign up right now. It's super easy and ten tons of fun!

Portrait 3
Special thanks to Phizzychick for making such awesome art! 

Details of the challenge:


Stitch up an altered photo. You can use any type of material and any type of stitch (embroidery, cross, felt...) and post your entry with picture DURING THE PROPER TIME!  The image can be old, new, but it must be a photo.

The rules:

  • The project must contain a photo (old or new) and must have some form of stitching on the photo-see explanation below*-the picture must be incorporated into the piece, not just stitching a frame for a picture
  • It needs to be a project you haven't posted on Craftster before.
  • Each person may only enter one project
  • Entries may be posted between March 1st-7th
  • Voting will happen March 8th-15th
  • The winner will be announce March 16th

    On March 1-7, to post your entry, simply start a new topic on this challenge board (the needlework challenge board). Post a picture and a little bit about the piece. DO NOT POST YOUR CHALLENGE HERE! Easy, peasy!

* The picture has to be incorporated somehow into the stitching. You can stitch on the picture or sew the picture into fabric. You don't necessarily have to actually sew onto the photo unless you want to but it you also can't just create around a picture.  The picture has to have some sort of stitch involved in it. The picture has to be altered some way.

There will be prizes and you will be featured on Craftster and on Feeling Stitchy. 

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