March 14, 2013

Embroideries out of drawers

Olá! This week I'm showing you a treasure... My treasure!
I took some photos of a very special gift I received from my grandmother some years ago, her last present before she died. I have many more embroidered table linens and bed linens, gifts from my grandmother, ever since I was a child. Some were made by her creative hands... This was not... But it is very, very special for me.

I love the beautiful Portuguese linen... Daisies are my favorite flowers and full of meaning for me... And the simplicity of the embroidery technique surprises me. You don't need more than satin stitch to make something so charming... Of course I could not make such a perfect job... You can't imagine the perfection - it's so difficult to distinguish the back side...

My treasure
Daisies with satin stitch - my photo
I'm showing my treasure to challenge all those that have treasures at home like this, embroidered by Portuguese hands...

If you are Portuguese, if your parents or grandparents are (or were...) Portuguese the probability of you having an embroidered treasure at home is very high! And I'm challenging you: "embroideries out of drawers"...

Choose your favorite piece of embroidery and tell us the story behind it... Why is it so special for you? Take a beautiful picture and send it to me... I would love to show the world how Portuguese embroiderers are so talented and how many stories can be told by embroidery stitches.

Daisy tablecloth - my treasure
My treasure - embroidered linen table cloth - my photo

Do you accept my challenge? Don't forget... Embroideries out of drawers!!! Wherever you are... I'm waiting for your help and together will show how Portuguese stitches make Portugal so special and well known all over the world.

If your stitches are not Portuguese they are welcome too... Share with us a linen or embroidered item that has a special meaning for you... Do you have embroidered stitches that tell a story? We would love to know about them...

You can either upload your photos to our Flickr embroidery group or e-mail me at


  1. Ótimo tópico Gabi, esta é realmente uma boa ideia! A toalha é linda mesmo.

    Great topic Gabi, this is a really good idea! The towel is really beautiful.

  2. I am jealous. This is beautiful and I love daisies.