March 7, 2013

Sweet Letter Stitching

Olá! After writing last week about letter stitching I remembered that I had a treasure at home... Last year my youngest daughter made this embroidered notebook as an anniversary gift to dad.

She didn't use a word processor... She doesn't need it. Her small hands and talent are enough. She's not like her mother...

All by herself she used an old pair of jeans, white paper, orange Bristol board and cotton thread. The pattern is hers, as are all the the stitches and finishing details...

Sweet letter stitching
Stitches with personality, my photo
Sweet letter stitching
Blank sheets, always so inspiring. My photo
I love the personality of her stitches. Comparing with other previous works we easily identify a "stitching identity" (does it exist??) and she's only 9 years old...

Ok... Maybe I'm exaggerating. But what would you expect from the mother's artist?

Sweet letter stitching
Using an old pair of jeans... My photo
Do you know what "PAI" means? It's the Portuguese word for dad or father...

Here in Portugal will be celebrating father's day on the 19th March... It's coming soon...


  1. LOVE this. The nut didn't fall far from the Mama Tree.

  2. This is so cute. She has talent like her mother. What a great gift.

  3. Aqui dizemos:" filho de peixe peixinho é..." Sua filha só poderia ser talentosa...
    Um abraço!

  4. "Filho de peixe sabe nadar" nem sempre acontece, mas a sua filhota vai-lhe seguindo os passos, PARABÉNS! Está lindo!