May 25, 2014

Patterns: Beautiful vintage pattern embroidery photography


Untitled by Bang Kao

There's some beautiful in progress style embroidery shots in the Embroidery pool on Flickr at the moment. It's hard to choose but I think this one by Bang Kao is my favourite. She doesn't list where the pattern is from, but I see she also has the photo in the New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns pool, so I'm guessing it's a vintage pattern, it looks like it. You could probably find something similar in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfer pool.


  1. wonder what they have used for thread. it almost looks straw-like!

  2. I think (from looking at the background of the photo), they've used ribbon, I wonder how they manage to get that through the fabric (or if it's all on the surface).

  3. Interesting!!!!!

  4. Oi. Conhecem nossa loja?