May 6, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I am really getting into Spring right now and thought it would be good to bring back a tutorial for embroidered button covers that can be used as pins! I love that these covered buttons can be totally customizable. I created some Springtime sketches of a bee, flower, and ladybug to share with you here, but I know these button covers would look great with monograms or even the year and school logo for the students who will be graduating in the next couple of weeks. These don't have to only be used as pins or buttons either! If you add this to the end of a bobby pin, it can be worn as a hair pin.

This tutorial might be a refresher for some, but I think it's a fun and easy way to infuse embroidery into very unexpected places!

In order to make these Springtime button covers you will need:

- button cover kit (found them for under $10 at the local fabric store)
- embroidery hoop, scissors, floss, and supplies
- Muslin or fabric of your choice
- Water soluble marker
- Scissors
- Safety pins
- Springtime pattern

The kit comes with everything you need to cover buttons with fabric of your choice. There is also a template on the back of the package that serves as a cutting guide, to ensure fabric is the appropriate size to cover the button and be secured at the back.

Step One: Using a water soluble pen and the template from the button kit package, transfer the template to the fabric. Place the button front in the center to measure out where the pattern should go. There should be about 1/2 and inch of space between the edge of the button front and the cutting line.

Step Two: Transfer the pattern to the center of the circle. Place in an embroidery hoop and stitch. Repeat for all patterns.

Step Three: Once your stitching is complete, cut the fabric. Trim any excess floss from the back. 

Step four: Place the fabric face down in the large part of the attachment tool. Then the backing over that. Make sure the button back covers the edges of the fabric. Then use the plastic cap attachment tool to snap the button back into the button front. You'll be able to hear and feel the back snap into the front.

Step Five: Repeat the process to attach the stitched fabric to the buttons. 

Step Six: Take a small safety pin and thread it through the loop at the back and attach it to your blouse or place of choosing. This can also be tacked in place with needle and thread, if you prefer not to use a safety pin.

Step Seven: Enjoy the Springtime critters and blooms all day long!

Hope you enjoy and give this tutorial a try!

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