February 16, 2015

Minted: Gorgeous Paper Invitations

First of all, no jumping up and down - no one at Feeling Stitchy is getting married... yet. :) But I was contacted recently by the nice peeps at Minted to have a look at their Wedding offerings. Feeling Stitchy? Weddings? The two didn't seem to go together, until I saw their beautiful designs...

Is it just me, or wouldn't these invites look amazing with just the slightest thread embellishments, on maybe your most special invites?

How about going over a few lines in delicate white thread, or adding a french knot here or there, to give a tiny bit of added texture to an already lovely design...

I can definitely picture delicate knots and thin hash lines looking beautiful in white thread on these flowers:

And, how adorable would some thin black thread embellishment look here? :)

Embroidered embellishments aside, the Minted online editor is very easy to use, and you can mix and match fonts, font sizes, and nudge elements around.

Their bold, graphic designs give a custom-designed feel, and as a DIY-er I love being able to preview the finished design:

I'm a straight-up paper snob, so I'm thoroughly impressed by their explanation of paper weights and texture options. I also love all the different edge options and the simple square card options:

Minted also has some mouthwatering letterpress designs like this one - and again, being a paper snob, I am smitten by the lovely vintage look of them:

In short, I'm quite impressed by the gorgeous, graphic feel of Minted invites! And I was also impressed by the pages and pages of positive reviews they have on numerous sites, which was the main reason I chose to recommend them here.

Thank you to the nice folks at Minted for some lovely inspiration today!

~ This is a sponsored post, but the ideas and opinions I expressed here are completely my own. ~

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