February 23, 2015

Studio MME West Coast Love Book Review

I am lucky enough to review the latest e-book from Studio MME, West Coast Love. I have always been a huge fan of her patterns and her new e-book does not disappoint. Living in the Pacific Northwest this book has special meaning to me. The above pattern is one of the bridges from my hometown of Portland. From California and up the coast to Washington, Studio MME covers every monument that is important to us west coasters. Even though the book focuses on the west coast, you don't have to be from that area to enjoy it. The book, which can be purchased from her website, Studio MME, is filled with landmarks that everyone will recognize and a few that might surprise you. It is the perfect mix of history, geography and embroidery. 

One thing that I loved about the patterns in this book is that I was able to choose what format I wanted them in. I could print it out to trace, print it out to transfer and print out the color version for help with picking the best floss. She also offers a quick stitching lesson and how to finish your amazing project. This book is well worth the cash! 

Because Studio MME is so dang awesome (and she is-seriously, super duper nice and sweet!)she is offering a little sample from her book. This Steller's Jay is a perfect example of what you will find in her e-book. Fly over to her website and pick up your copy of West Coast Love. You can thank me later. 

Free Stellars Jay pattern by Studio MME

*Thanks Megan for giving me a chance to review this e-book, it was amazing and so are you! 

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  1. What a great bird! I'll have to check further into that book. Thanks for sharing.