May 15, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No.5

Welcome to the fifth edition of Friday Instagram Finds! Today I am sharing with you three very talented embroidery artists who I think you need to check out. First up is...

Jessica and Hannah are co-owners of their Etsy shop, and are self described, "Hand Embroidery Artists/Goddesses", and I wholeheartedly concur with their assessment! Every time I see a finished custom portrait, my mouth just drops open in awe. You need to follow their feed to see the pictures their works are based on, and their works in progress.

Like this amazing scene! This embroidery piece is based on a photograph, and it is absolutely fabulous!!

The attention to detail that's put into each custom portrait is fascinating. Take the sand in this one, for instance. If you check out the in progress photos, you'll discover there's so much more than some tan floss stitched out for the sand. There's layering, and depth, and dimension.

In addition to the custom pieces, they create pieces like this that stretch themselves creatively. The hand tinting used on the jar gives this hoop a bit of oomph that you wouldn't see in it otherwise. And the flowers are beautiful, and add another layer of dimension.

Lindsay creates eye catching embroidery pieces with fantastic iconography and bright colors.

I cannot even get over how incredibly clever this whole hoop is! This stand of trees is beautiful in its simplicity. And can you even believe the clever way she attached rope to the hoop for hanging?!? This is seriously the most unique way I've ever seen someone hang a hoop.

The attention to detail in this buck portrait is amazing! I love the unexpected polka dot background and the roses in the buck's antlers.

What can I even say about this bunny? Again, the attention to detail, and the way that Lindsay used lazy daisies to form the bunny is so unique and clever!

Sachi creates exquisitely detailed pieces in both embroidery and cross stitch. Her stitches are so small and precise, and you can tell how much care she she puts into each piece.

This is a fun piece she created for a restroom. That border looks like metallic floss, and, if you've ever worked with metallic floss, you know it can be pretty fickle! This piece makes me want to label each of the rooms in my house with a beautiful bit of embroidery.

A photo posted by Sachi 幸 (@beaujardin) on

Sachi created this pretty bead embroidered collar for issue number 51 of Mollie Makes. The flower motif she created out of sequins and beads is absolutely dreamy.

A photo posted by Sachi 幸 (@beaujardin) on

Sachi also makes tiny embroidered necklaces and pins using a mixture of embroidery and beading. Her work combines great colors and designs into a little space.

A photo posted by Sachi 幸 (@beaujardin) on

I hope you've enjoyed edition number five of Friday Instagram Finds (FIF) on Feeling Stitchy! Please leave comments below to let me know what you thought. If you'd like to be considered for FIF, or if you find a great embroiderer or stitch-related needle worker who you think I should feature, be sure to tag one of their pictures with #feelingstitchyig, and I'll take a look!

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Friday Instagram Finds, No. 6 will be published Friday, May 29, 2015.

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