October 16, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No. 25 with Jordan Harmon Fine Art

Hello Stitchers! Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Instagram Finds! Can you believe that, not including today, there are only 10 Fridays until Christmas?! October is half way over, and there are only 11 weeks, or 76 days left in 2015?! Is it only me, or does it seem like time has flown by in 2015? Quite honestly, it feels like 2013 was just a few months ago...

Today let's take a look at Jordan of @jharmonart! Jordan's embroidery art wowed me the first time I saw it. It is unique in the way she combines fabric, paint, and floss to create stunning hoops. The scenes in her hoops appear to very simple on first glance, but when you take a closer look at them, you see all kinds of detail that evoke pleasant feelings. Her beach pieces, in particular, fascinate me in their simplicity and detail.

My favorite hoop in her feed is the one of the Ferris wheel. The 3D texture of the arms of the wheel, and how she placed the arms of the wheel stacked so that you get the sense of what the arms look like in real life, give it motion, and I can envision the wheel leisurely turning. (I always think a ride on a Ferris wheel is a good idea until I get on it and get stuck at the top as more passengers get on.)

Here's a look at some of my favorite hoops from Jordan's feed. Click on the link under each picture to go to that picture in Jordan's Instagram feed.

Image by @jharmonart

Image by @jharmonart

Image by @jharmonart

Image by @jharmonart
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