October 20, 2017

Feeling Random Friday #1 with Embroidology

Embroidology, a Feeling Random Friday feature by Amy Byrne for Feeling Stitchy

Hello Stitchy Friends!

I know I've been gone for a while...I've had some great and not so great events happen in my life, and I needed to take some time to sort my life out. I am so lucky to have an Editor like Floresita who is understanding and supportive.

I was getting a bit burned out on Friday Instagram Finds, and wanted to try my hand at something new. I tossed around some ideas with Floresita and my husband, and it became clear that I wanted to expand from solely focusing on embroiderers and cross stitchers to ANY art/craft with a needle. I also wanted to honor the Feeling Stitchy and my blog's name, Random Acts of Amy, somehow into the title, and thus, Feeling Random Friday was born!

In Feeling Random Fridays, I'll focus on embroiderers, cross stitchers, quilters, sewers, knitters, crocheters (I know it's a hook, but needles are sometimes used.), tattooers, you name it - any art or craft that uses a needle. The world is big and varied, so why not try to see as much of it as we can?! If you come across an artist who uses a needle, tag #feelingrandomfriday for me so I can take a look!

Our first feature is @Embroidology! Steph is an ex-neuroscience student turned science embroidery artist. I follow her on Instagram, and love to see her science related works of art. The picture above is the anatomy of a flower, and some of her other pieces are closeups of plant cells, root vascular cells, and microglial cells. I recommend you check out her Instagram feed.

I will see you next week when I'll feature...another amazing needle artist!

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