May 14, 2008

hens teeth: contemporary

Here's another mini interview with one of the talented ladies in the Pool. This time it's the wonderfully talented Viv from hens teeth. She also has a blog. She makes the sweetest plush and embroidery on paper ephemera. Let's see what she has to say about contemporary embroidery:

How do you define contemporary embroidery?
I define contemporary embroidery as the use of traditional and none traditional materials worked in an unexpected way.

What perceptions of embroidery do you meet? And are they changing?
It depends on who is doing the perceiving!

I meet the conventional with my use of traditional embroidery stitches but then I hope to cross the expected when I combine these stitches with my collection of discarded ephemera. Placement of these collected surfaces combined with stitchery, I hope, evokes reflected memories and a sense of our heritage, a narrative image but using up-to-date processes. To take various elements and place them together into a coherent piece is extremely gratifying.

I feel the world has opened it's eyes to the possibilities of embroidery, endless wonderful possibilities.

Why do we need embroidery?
We do not need embroidery, i.e. my husband has no need for embroidery at all in his life but for those of us who do, embroidery evokes a myriad of emotions. As well as, textures to stroke, beauty to behold, memories to stir us, inspiration to fill us, untold possibilities of subject matter to enjoy and techniques and materials to please the soul.
And for me....... all consuming.

Thank you, Viv!


  1. seriously, one of my favorite embroiders on Flickr. I almost considered showcasing her work myself on this blog.....guess we know them when we see them, eh? Love your use of paper and fabric, and stitching and words. Love the "no rules", the freedom of exploring and only bumping into minimal boundaries. Really, really, original.

  2. oh, and the "hens teeth"?, such a visual, but I would be curious of what you have to say about the name you chose.......thanks

  3. I really enjoyed this post and went right away to Hens Teeth and put her on my regular reading. Thanks for hooking us up!

  4. Woo Hoo, one of my favorite embroiderers! She deserves all the showcases in the world. Everything she does is so unique and perfect. When I make my fortune I am going to buy myself an entire Hen's Teeth gallery. Love you Viv!

  5. Love this piece, thanks for the tip!
    Sandra Evertson
    Great blog, fabulous work!

  6. I am extremely honoured to have such wonderful words bestowed upon me. Thank you all so much and thankyou to Carina for asking me!

    By the way, have you heard of the saying "as rare as hens' teeth"????

  7. Viv is so talented and also very, very nice too:)

  8. I love the last project with the envelope - so creative!

  9. She is one of my favourite both in the blogworld and at flickr! Her embroidery envelopes are so wonderfl, I can look at theme for a long long time!