May 16, 2008

Stories and Thread.........

"I love all things small"....starts the introduction page to Shelece's etsy profile. "Tiny little treasures, little pieces of paper, a plastic charm, the weave of fabric........and so I live with jars and tins filled with all of these small beautiful things......" Sound familiar? I think to love embroidery one must love small things, and probably collect them......

Though I was wooed by the images of Shelece's little quilts made from repurposed, recycled vintage fabric, hand-quilted and appliqued, I became connected by her stories. We all have them, don't we? Stories that sound vaguely familiar when someone tells them. I wanted to share some of Shelece's work and some of her stories because they look so much like the fabric of our lives......

I Cut My Own Hair

This one made me laugh because all five of my kids did this one time at least, and one boy insisted on it several times. I loved how Shelece sprinkled the hair all over the ground! Check out how she describes this event in her life in her etsy store.

Blanket for Dolly

Shelece says: "My grandma deeply instilled in me the idea that dolls must be kept warm. I remember when I was little taking my doll over to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner. I arrived all bundled up in my red wool coat with my doll tucked under my arm. Grandma met me at the door and gasped 'get that baby in here this minute, she's only dressed in a swim suit and a dish towel, she'll get sick and die in this weather!' Horrified I hurriedly bundled her under my coat to keep back the certain death my grandma knew was lurking around the corner for my unprotected doll."

Chicken Races

Shelece didn't explain this one, but I have enough imagination left from childhood that it needs no explaining. There are so many wonderful creations that, of course, I can't post them all, but maybe a few.

Best Big Sister Ever

Shelece says: "I was the youngest of six kids and I always wished I had a little sister to love and dress up and push around in a stroller. My older sister assured me that having a little sister was anything but fun, she said, "it's like having a dog with no legs permanently tied to your waist and you have to drag it everywhere you go." All that did was make me really want a dog! And if I could get one with no legs, all the better, it would be easier to dress and would never run away!

Well, this is just a taste of Shelece's view of life from an embroidery standpoint. I think it's wonderful and asked her if I could share it. Here are a few more without the story, perhaps I have peaked your interest?


Fighting for Dolly

Okay, I guess you have the idea of why I was so smitten with these. They are made with the idea that someday they will be framed. I love the stories of people, and I really enjoyed Shelece's walk through a familiar world in her eyes. Thanks for sharing, Shelece.


  1. These are so wonderful, the best! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Those are totally adorable! I love how evocative they are, but so simply illustrated!

  3. Wonderful stuff - I especially loved hearing the stories! :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! How inspirational!

  5. She is just simply charming! I love them, and will always remember that description of having a little sister... I think that about my kids sometimes! Ha!

  6. Adorable...absolutely has been some time since i did any needlework, but these inspire me...thanks for posting them...

  7. I've purchased a number of Shelece's gorgeous little quilts to hang in our new pediatric office which is being quilt. They are wonderful to me because they are fun and funny and SO real without being saccharine.
    GO SHELECE!!!!

  8. These are all so wonderful, but my favorite is the jump rope block!

  9. These are all treasures !Fabulous!

  10. Thank you so much Shebrews! You are amazing!!!!

  11. I love her quilts too. Simple but the style says so much. I love the sewing and dolly quilts. She really has a flair for expression.

  12. So adorable!!! Showing sweet stories and events like this is a wonderful idea! And so inspirational!!! I started to imagine so many beautiful images...
    Your work is great!!! Congrats!

  13. I am overwhelmed..these are both adorable and beautiful and so inspiring..also very touching! Wow.

  14. Adorable! Simply...adorable!!! 8-)

  15. Fabulous! Fantastic! Loved it!
    Thanks for sharing :)