May 12, 2008

I was poking around the interwebs and came across this wonderful website, The Mexican Dress. You can download a pattern to make a billowy cotton dress, tunic or peasant blouse for you to embroider in colorful, fanciful designs. Living in Austin I often see Mexican embroidery, and it's truly inspiring with its flourishes, florals and birds. A dress like this makes a great canvas.


  1. wow!
    what a great find, thanks for sharing it. i have a couple of these dresses they are so nice to wear in the hot weather.

    the embroidery on them is absolutely amazing, lots and lots of embroidery all done by hand!

  2. This is an awesome project! Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. I LOVED to wear Mexican dresses when I went to college in SA. However, I think they weren't the most attractive style for everyone. After a fraternity put on a skit where all the guys were wearing one of the dresses and singing, "Pretty Woman," but with the words changed, I never wore one again! However, I have noticed that an updated style is appearing in stores now.

  4. Mexican-style embroidery on shirts is all kinds of popular in New York lately - I see it everywhere. I like how sometimes the embroidery can be very ragged-edge and not so nit-picky.

    I actually bought this pattern a few weeks ago and used it to create a miniature version for a monkey I'm making (don't laugh) for a friend:

    Right now, it's the embroidery part I'm stuck on (of all things!) ;)

  5. I just found this website this morning...what a great find PLUS all of the embriodery stuff too!
    Let's see...I got the sewing bug, the quilting the embroidery bug...hope no one finds a cure!!!