June 28, 2008

Cranky for You

I spent a great deal of time browsing the Flickr account and Etsy account of Gracierei
also known as Jacqueline Yeo who lives in Singapore. I want to post all of her work as it is so inspiring and free spirited, but I will have to limit what I show you here. But trust me, all of it is noteworthy, including the little two year old who inspired this wonderful sachet.

There is something charming to a mother of five children--(speaking of me) about a lavender filled sachet that states loudly "Cranky for You". Since lavender is known for its soothing/calming abilities. There is a great deal of creative inspiration that comes from observing the antics of toddlers and teenagers.....For years I carried around a notebook ready to jot down the little wisdom quips that popped out of them unaware.....

The other sachet that caught my eye was this one:

Need I say more?

What I really liked about Jacqueline's work was the profoundness and simplicity of it. Hmmmmmm, is there another way to state this? I think of the words: quiet-loudness. Huh. That probably doesn't make sense to you either. There is a lot in her little pieces, they aren't loud about it, it helps to have the heart to feel it.

One of the projects she is so good at is book covers. This happens to be a bible cover and I was drawn by the little stitched word, "praise". There is a lot of words in a bible, and to figure out which one sums it all up----that is what spoke to me.

In her last post on her blog she tackled the issue what constitutes "original design". Being an architect, she wrestled with all the people who have input into one design---who's is it then?

Being an artist/crafter, if you use one element of someone else's, does that negate the originality? She used for example, an applique that you may have purchased to add to your original design.....does that keep it from being original, once it is applied? It's a very thought provoking post and worth reading for the creative person.

Here is a stunning example of her bookcovers available in her store.

Here is a stunning example of her cozies also available in her store.

I don't know about you, but I have been inspired by all the beautiful cheery colors and simple blanket stitching and patchwork. Oh, I must show you one more piece.......

Jacqueline called this "Love Cloud" and said the green stitching was the silver lining. See what I mean about quiet-loudness? Be sure to look at all her Flickr embroideries.


  1. what an awesome feature! her work is amazing - great find!

  2. I love the book covers! All her work so creative!