June 17, 2008

Tea Towel Love (Part 1)

I love tea towels - I have many from my grandmother, including days of the week and many more that she embroidered when she was first married (she's almost 95 now). They have a special place in my heart. I did a tea towel swap a couple of years ago and it was so much fun - I also have a tea towel group on Flickr, so if you have some you'd like to share - feel free to post! Here are but a few from the Flickr Embroidery Pool - enjoy!

1. Tea Towel Tour 3 - Saffron for rectangel, 2. new tea towel, 3. won't you please come by for tea?, 4. Days of the week ~ vintage embroidered tea towels, 5. Gigi & Big Red Tea Towel, 6. Tea towel tour, 7. beautiful towels stitched by Jackie, 8. Set of 4 Redwork Tea Towels, 9. The SS Tea Towel Tour, 10. Tea Towel Tour Center, 11. camper tea towel, 12. Tea Towels, 13. Tea Towel, 14. Tea Towel Tour, 15. my first "tea towel", 16. New Arrivals - Tea Towel

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  1. I would love to sew up some tea towels but I don't know how to keep my work from being a jumbled up mess in the back. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make the back look neat?

  2. Beautiful selection of tea towels.