July 31, 2009

Glamorous retro girl cross stitch

Really Great Hat _ Finished
Stitched by gableknits

Isn't this amazing? I love it when crafters create amazing, updated stuff for cross stitch. And I especially love it when they share the pattern with all of us, for free! Here's the free pattern - thanks so much, gableknits!


  1. Cross stitching scares the begeezus outta me. I think its all the counting.
    I can totally appreciate the work that went into this super rad piece of stitchin'.

  2. Oh! look at those lips! Its gorgeous!

  3. Thanks all! So glad you love it as much as I do. Happy Stitching!

    <3 gableknits

  4. Oooh-that's so pretty! Thanks so much, I'll be linking to this.

  5. Beautiful. I love your blog. I'm adding it to my favorites list, if you want to reciprocate, that would be awesome. www.cherishscupoftea.blogspot.com

  6. I love this!! So beautiful...trying to think what I can use it for? Maybe a cute pillow for my chaise lounge? Thanks so much for sharing!