July 3, 2010

About an agreement

Last year, I did a post on Urban Threads and Sublime Stitching. Recently, the two companies came to an agreement, and as a result of that, I felt it was time to remove my post. I’m a huge fan of Jenny and Sublime Stitching, and I’m happy they have settled their differences.

There were fans of Urban Threads, who in the process might have felt alienated by my post, or maybe feel on the outskirts even now. It was never my intention to make them feel this way, and I’d like to apologize to them for that.

Also, there were public attacks on the character of people who work at Urban Threads and Embroidery Inc. – my post never encouraged that, but if anyone felt that my post contributed in any way to this negativity, I would like to apologize for that, too.

In short, our crafty community is what it is because people are open, generous, kind, and accepting. Ok, it sounds really cheesy, but we are strongest when we stand together and support each other. I just want to re-iterate that we are all welcome here, and how blessed I feel to be in your company, every one of you.

Because this post originated with me, I feel it best to keep comments closed and encourage you to email any thoughts you might have on this to me, the writer of the original post. You can find me at unafloresita AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you so much to all of you who make our craft community the amazing place that it is!

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