July 6, 2010

The Pillow Talk {Swap} on Flickr

pillow swap talk Button

I've participated in the first three rounds of a swap hosted on Flickr called The Pillow Talk {Swap}. Co-hosted by quilters extraordinaire Kerri and Heather, the swap was conceived for the purpose of "creating and receiving the coolest modern & urban pillows for their homes." At 181 swappers strong, the swap (and its Flickr pool) is an amazing source of inspiration for handmade goods.

I wanted to share some pillows from the swap that beautifully incorporate embroidered details into their overall design:

Apple Tree Pillow
Photo by katydiddy

a bird on a limb

Embroidered pillow
Photo by katydiddy

Thank you Kerry
Photo by Sew-Fantastic

Pillow {Talk} Swap...Received!

Pillow Talk 3 - front
Photo by marmys

Pillow Talk Swap Finished
Photo by tigglegiggles

Like what you see? Get involved in the next round of the swap, which should be starting soon!


  1. Gorgeous pillows! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow those are so cute! I feel very inspired right now

  3. That's really cool!! Gorgeous cushions all. I would love to get involved in the next swap:)

  4. They look lovely! I might have to have a go! Just one question though - and this might be because I'm British - but we call the things you put you head on to sleep, a pillow (in a pillow case); and the thing that goes on your sofa or armchair, a cushion (in a cushion cover). So are these what I would think of as cushions?
    Joey x

  5. Aahhh LOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sooo Cool! ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Joey's Dream Garden ... yes, I think you are correct! We tend to use the word "pillow" interchangeably here in the US, but I have often heard my overseas friends refer to these as "cushions". The ones that we swapped fall much more into the decorative sofa / armchair category than the "lay your head down to rest" one. :-)

  7. This post was just the inspiration I needed to get started on a new craft. I am ALL about embroidery as of yesterday. ;-) Thanks so much for giving me motivation. I love all of the pics you posted!

  8. Very lovely and inspiring, I am addicted to CUSHIONS and what fresh air you added to this post... happy with my heart thanks a lot for sharing...


    its my little effort to some crafty items, if you pay a visit...

  9. This looks awesome but the thing that sort of sucks for me is that you have to have photo proof in your photostream that you have done a swap before. And since I've been wanting to do a swap but haven't yet, I can't do this one.

    Where are all the swaps at?!

  10. Kristen, some of the major swap sites are Flickr, Craftster, and SwapBot. I tend to participate in the Flickr swaps. There are many Flickr swaps that are open to new swappers. These are where people often get started. I am mostly familiar with sewing and quilting swaps, but would be happy to shoot you some recommendations. Feel free to email me directly at adamsjohnq (at) gmail (dot) com.