July 25, 2010

Oxford Reading Tree

Stitched Reading Scheme - embroidered by Paperseaside

Now I'm not sure if the Oxford Reading Tree is just a UK thing (a quick google and I see it's been translated in over 120 countries) but I think there's a good chance that these embroideries by Paperseaside will bring a smile to the face of anyone who has learnt to read or has been a parent of anyone learning to read in the past 25 years.

I think Paperseaside has captured the charm of Alex Brychta's illustrations perfectly. Read more about her sweet reasoning behind stitching these covers and her plans to create more on her blog here.


  1. my daughter is reading those books at the moment and loves them- what a clever idea.

  2. Both of our children learned to read with these books (in the UK) and these images definitely bring a smile to my face. They look just like the originals!

  3. Oh my word, thank you so much for featuring me, what a delightful surprise on my 50th birthday! :)
    I have a feeling these embroideries are going to keep me busy till my 60th!
    Thanks again