August 20, 2011

August Stitch-Along | Week 3

I am SO glad to see so many wonderful (and diverse) contributions showing up in the Embroidery Flickr pool as part of our August stitch-along. I'm a bit relieved, too -- I wasn't sure if anyone would be as excited about this idea as I was. But it looks like you guys were excited, judging from both the number and quality of the embellished fabric projects that y'all are sharing.

Want to see some of the contributions? I thought so!

August Stitch Along in Progress

I absolutely love the bright and happy colors of the piece above, by Mom Walds Place. I love how she chose floss colors that are not present in the fabric itself for contrast.


bySaraLynn has made so much wonderful progress on her piece above. Her color palette is beautiful and her use of that contrasting bright pink really adds a new element to the fabric that wasn't there without it.

Flower Fairy WIP

"Wow" is about all I can say about this fairy fabric embellishment, stitched by sewjenaissance. I can tell just by looking at it that it's a true labour of love.


I'm glad that so many of you are simply having fun with this project -- and nothing's more fun than the piece above. You've just gotta love these robots, stitched by fav_orite.things.

Picking threads for August Stitchalong

As of our last post, Savage Pink hadn't yet decided on a fabric. Well, she ultimately chose my vote, the animal print above, and has selected her floss colors. Can't wait to see this one come to life!

August Stitch Along...progress

These birds, stitched by daisyeyes, are just adorable. I love the satin stitched detail on the red bird above!
Here are three more great starts -- and one impressive finished piece! -- submitted by (clockwise from top left): letscallitlove, Read the Book, DetroitMommy, and bob&be.


amyhood21 really understood and embraced this month's challenge, as evidenced by her gorgeous work-in-progress (above).

August Stitch Along Week 1

Finally, check out the fun direction in which Beadgirlj has taken her project. She started with the dotted fabric above -- a great choice for embellishment, really -- and thought way beyond just using floss.

August Stitch Along Week 2

She has completed four individual circle designs so far, which are shown in greater detail below.


I couldn't include all of the amazing pictures but have been collecting them in some Flickr galleries. Check out the links below to see all of the beautiful submissions thus far:

Week 1 Gallery
Week 2 Gallery
Week 3 Gallery

For next week's update I hope to start sharing some finished project ideas. Will you be framing yours in a hoop for hanging? Making it into a pillow? Quilt square? However you decide to finish your project, please let us know!


  1. I love stitching along with everyone. I didn't see Beadgirlj's photos until now.. I think they're my favorite so far!

    The Stitch along people are so amazing and I feel quite proud to be part of this talented group! :)

  2. WOW! These are beautiful. Some very creative stitchers. LOVE these projects.

  3. Such beautiful embroideries! My fingers are itching to try this, but, alas, it'll have to wait as I don't have any good printed fabric right now. Very inspiring seeing this nonetheless.

  4. Oh, I've got something similar that I've been working on, even though I didn't know about the stitch-along. I may have to post a pic to the flickr! I like fabric embellishment projects, they are so relaxing for some reason.

  5. This is better than being in an old fashioned candy shop, colors, colors, colors! I have been wanting to try this for quite awhile, thanks for the Stitch Along to get me going.

  6. WOW, what a gorgeous way to to embellish existing fabric! There's so many novelty prints I have that will never make it into a quilt. I have to try this. p.s. - LOVE that flickr group! : )

    ~Monika Kinner-Whalen
    stitching in Saskatoon

  7. Really beautiful stitching going on there! Love it.

  8. I absolutely love this and admire how you get others inspired!!!

  9. I've started working on a piece of fabric as part of this month's stitch-along, but I'm wondering if you have tutorials or links to different kinds of stitches. I'm new to hand embroidery, and all I really know how to do is a basic back-stitch and cross-stitch. Some of the stitch examples I've seen here are just gorgeous. Any way to help out a newbie?

  10. These are so wonderful!! I'm going to have to get in on the next stitch along!

  11. What a fabulous idea! I want to start one for Halloween! Have to start now or it will never be done in time....maybe I should aim for Christmas at this point! Absolutely beautiful!

  12. Great stitching. Amazing inspiration.

  13. I've just started to embroider again over on We Love French Knots with Bari J. I had NO idea this place here existed! Man, do I want to jump in. It's been just too darned hot to quilt.

  14. Beautifull !!!!!!!
    Kiss and have a good week

  15. These are just wonderful! I started one but I'm not very excited by it... maybe this weekend I'll do a quick little one on some other fabric just to be able to keep playing.

  16. Oh, I freakin' love these!! I dont have the slightest clue how to embroider properly but that wont stop me :p I'm going to do this for a friend to hang in her sewing room! I cant wait!!

  17. great project! it's so easy to be inspired by choosing the fabric first and then going wild. very cool