August 30, 2011

August Stitch-along | Week 4

Thanks to everyone who participated in the August stitch-along! There were so many great pieces this month -- too many, really, to show them all. I've collected most (if not all) of the photos from the Flickr pool and compiled them in a few Flickr galleries. You can always search Flickr for our tag, "auguststitchalong", to see everyone's pictures.

August Stitch-along | Week 1 Gallery
August Stitch-along | Week 2 Gallery
August Stitch-along | Week 3 Gallery
August Stitch-along | Week 4 Gallery
August Stitch-along | Week 5 Gallery

To close out the month, I wanted to show a few finished pieces and some more works-in-progress. If you're still stitching away, don't worry! We'd still love to see your progress over in Flickr.

Feeling Stitchy stitch-along progress
Photo by j_q_adams (my piece!)

August Stitchalong Finished
Photo by sewjenaissance

starling playskirt: close up of hand embroidery
Photo by daisyeyes

Photo by letscallitlove

Finished Piece
Photo by amyhood21

Embroidered Window Panes
Photo by BohoIslandBaby

August stitchalong WIP
Photo by paperseaside

A little progress
Photo by Savage Pink

August Stitchalong 2
Photo by Fiber Fairy

work in progress
Photo by milly and tilly

Skull Stitch-along: after
Photo by madama

Stay tuned for another fun stitch-along from the Feeling Stitchy crew, coming soon!


  1. Beautiful pieces of work. Very inspiratiional! I even started myself!

  2. EEE!! That skull and crossbones is off the hook!!! Love it! :) Great job everyone. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! All of those are so wonderful! Some definite inspiration for my (yet to be started) piece.

  4. These are GREAT. I'm in love with the little fairy piece. I have some of that fabric. I may have to do something with it now. :D

  5. John, this was so much fun, and it definitely stretched me--it's harder than it looks to try to match stitches to fabric, especially when you're still expanding how many stitches you know! Thanks for the great stitch-a-long. There are so many beautiful pieces.

  6. Fantabulous work everyone! Can't wait for the next! :)

    @Kunklebaby: I saw the same fabric in pink online! Totally wanted that color too! :)

  7. Thanks for the love ... Eddie the cat says thanks, too :)


  8. Waa, I started nursing school and didn't get to finish, but did stitch some of it! Fun pics.. especially that skull one. Loving these stitch alongs!!! I'll going to be posting a couple of free vintage embroidery patterns on my blog tonight or tomorrow, come check em out ;) Maybe a vintage stitch along soon? Happy Wednesday!

  9. Those are some amazing shots, especially the detail you managed to grab on the last few photos there. Great site, the ideas are pretty impressive.