March 22, 2012

How strange it is

Stitched by mel.sundquist

I'm loving this quote from a Neutral Milk Hotel song, very gorgeously embroidered by Mel. Her embroidery is based on a print by Fionn Breen. Beautiful work, Mel!


  1. How beautiful! I really like how she has intergrated a scroll element to it. I really want to do a typography based project where I embroider the lyrics "And then our skin gets thicker, from living out in the snow" (Arcade Fire, Tunnels) For some reason that lyric has meaning for me, especially after moving country. But not just yet! Need to finish my big project first :)

  2. Im loving this!! Got a real Alice in Wonderland feel! :)

  3. Love the lyric choice, love the's perfect!

  4. This is gorgeous! And it gives me inspiration on how to design a new header for my blog :)