June 23, 2012

June Stitchalong update

You guys are really knocking this stitchalong out of the park!

June2012 stitchalong

A mere week after sharing the June stitchalong pattern, this breathtaking version by Pumora appeared! I almost fell out of my chair, it is so gorgeous:

June 2012 stitchalong: narwhale

She was good enough to share a bit of her stitching process with us:

The narwhal was a love-at-first-sight motif so I simply had to start it instantly. Looking at the picture I had the vision of french knots as sea foam and the blue fabric. The colorscheme came quite naturally when googling narwhal photos. I liked the contrast between the very dark upper side and the almost white belly.

It took me about 4 evenings to stitch it all up. I found a fine denim fabric cut from a men's shirt which had the right shade of blue for a background. After transferring the pattern I colored the waves with a blue crayon so the darker blue of the waves would blend in and not pop out that much. I used 5 shades of blue, white, light beige and gold to stitch up everything. There weren't so many stitches inside the whale at first, but sometimes my hands don't want to stop and fill everything. It's kind of hard for me to stop and say ok that's it, no more stitches or it get's overloaded. 
The text for the parchment is still missing and I can't decide yet what to insert there :/

I think we need to click through to her finished image and suggest a phrase so she can finish that beauty! :)

Next up, I love the deep contrast in this dark blue color scheme, as stitched by Aimee:
june stitch along: narwhale

LaWhimsy did an adorable version, with the scroll banner paying homage to her stitching skills... :)

JuneStitchalong2012 ~ Fin

I've been stitching along pretty steadily on my Narwhal - using sea foam greens, light teals, off-white and light gold colors:

my narwhal so far

I was inspired by all the texture I've seen in everyone's embroidery lately, so I filled my stitching in with tons of stitches. It's been great fun so far!

There's still plenty of time to download the pattern and post your progress. Remember to tag your pics "JuneStitchalong2012" and add them to the Flickr group. I'll do a final roundup with my finish soon!

Week 1

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  1. these are all so lovely and different. it is so much fun to see how individual we all are. :) good work everyone!