July 24, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No. 14

Hi there! This week I'm featuring @cut_and_rum on Friday Instagram Finds. I have not been able to figure out the name of the person behind the stitching, but I have figured out that the language I read in the posts is Portuguese :) I absolutely adore the designs @cut_and_rum creates! They are old school tattoo designs, which are my favorite and what most of my tattoos are. Old school tattoos are often simplistic without being childish, they feature clean lines, they're colorful, and poignant. I urge you to head over to her Instagram account and check her work out!


The black panther is a staple of tattooers, and like tattoos, this panther will last forever. Cut and Rum's stitching is flawless - just look at that satin stitching!!

This envelope in a hand is Cut and Rum's latest piece. I don't know if she's going to fill in with colors, but either way, it does and will look amazing.

Is this a merbunny? Or a bunnymaid? Or would it be called something else? Once again, the satin stitching is beautiful. I especially like the shading on the bunny.

Cacti are really hot in fashion and home decor right now, and this flowered cactus is no exception! I also like the hints of tattoo flash we can see in the backgrounds of many of the pictures.

I showed my husband Cut and Rum's Instagram account, and this Death's Head Moth tattoo was his favorite. I can't say enough about her beautiful satin stitching. As is so often the case with tattoos, moth tattoos have interesting meaning. They're similar to the symbolism of butterfly tattoos in that they're a symbol of our souls and their transformative nature. But moth tattoos represent our dark subconscious.

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