September 4, 2015

Friday Instagram Finds No.19 with MadeByBettyB

It's the first Friday in September, and time for Friday Instagram Finds! Here in the United States, today begins the Labor Day Weekend (with Labor Day being on Monday), which heralds the beginning of autumn (and the end of wearing white shoes and pants, LOL). I'd like to introduce you to @madebybettyb which is an Instagram account that many of you may be familiar with. Betty creates beautiful dreamcatchers adorned with hand embroidery, laces, feathers, fabric, and other elements. Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe Native Americans, and are used to filter out bad dreams. Take a look!


These embroidered lyrics by John Legend in this dreamcatcher with the lace and feather accents is just beautiful! It's a masculine look that is also feminine, and I could see it hanging in our bedroom without my husband thinking it was too, "frilly."

Image By MadeByBettyB
This little vignette with the camper van, mountain, trees, and campfire is adorable! Betty's stitching is so precise and lovely. Creating this piece in this small space allows the viewer to create their own story. The ribbons and fabrics that Betty used in this hoop pull colors from the floss she used in the embroidery, and are very pretty. Oh! I just spotted some brown ric-rack, too!

Image By MadeByBettyB
How sweet is this hoop with Ava's name in the banner?! It's very sweet, and I can just see it in a little girl's room, protecting her from bad dreams.

Image By MadeByBettyB
This wild & free dreamcatcher Betty created is so romantic and breezy. The pastel colors throughout are pretty, and the embroidery is delicate.

Image By MadeByBettyB
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