September 22, 2015

Stitchy Snippets - Urban Stitchery

Incredible urban embroidery is growing. Colourful creations are threading their way across urban landscapes and bring colour, humour and beauty to concrete jungles. Due to the large scale of this embroidery, it offers a fantastic opportunity for collaboration and is a great group activity in which communities can join in the fun! Here are some 'guerilla embroiderers' who are making their mark in Europe.

Miss Cross Stitch has embroidered her way across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Dudua (A.K.A Alicia Rosello) is based in Barcelona where she hosts her craft store and art gallery. Along with friends she has brightened some of the city's streets.

Urban X Stitch create comical and intricate urban embroideries referencing retro pop culture.

Hi, I'm Julia - an embroidery enthusiast based in Amsterdam with a lifelong passion for textiles. I like to mix things up by combining different techniques and mediums - my origami styled dress won the Hand & Lock embroidery prize. Join me on my exploration of embroidery with mixed media and fibre art.

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