April 22, 2008

Flowers, flowers everywhere

Spring has sprung and there are beautiful blooms everywhere - even in the Flickr Embroidery Pool. This mosaic is only part one - there are so many lovely examples that this is only the beginning!! So grab those spring colored flosses and stitch a bouquet for yourself - I know you'll be inspired once you see what other stitchers have done - enjoy!!

1. Three flower Beret/Hat Pins, 2. I like these flowers, 3. Flower, 4. Little Flower Baby Bib, 5. There will be flowers..., 6. Embroidered flower close up, 7. Flowers and felt, 8. flowers, 9. flower_heart01, 10. stylized flower embroidery, 11. group flower pins, 12. IMG_0049, 13. Three Seed Heads - thread on felt drawing - mounted, 14. ragged edge tapestry, 15. brownflower2, 16. floral 16

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.


  1. ONGosh! what a nice collection. Thank you for taking the time to compile them. You are right about inspiration!

  2. Hey! Just came to have a look at what was new today, and imagine my surprise and delight to see one of my pieces included among all this terrific work! Thanks!!

  3. hi, I've just found your blog and it's great! I will be back to read more, I love your selections.
    : )