April 16, 2008

A way with stitched words

Hey gals (and guys?). I've been on a wee bit of an internet break, so this will be a very trim post. There's a pretty big wall in the contemporary embroidery gallery that belongs to stitched (cross or other) messages with an ironic or sarcastic message.

I think that is really interesting. And fun! After being viewed as rather dusty by a lot of people for many years, embroidery has become a medium and method of expression, not suppression. These messages are comparable to the samplers which were a stable of many young girls' lives, showing the stitches they knew how to make. Usually they would also include the alphabet or moral maxims.

But unlike the samplers of yore, there are no moral messages in the contemporary 'sampler'. Quite the opposite, in a lot of cases. They are turning this medium upside down, but with a great deal of love, if not so much with respect. Or rather, respectfully irreverent.

And now I think I'll go find something to embroider 'eat my shorts' on...

Image links: I sublimate my rage and Eat cake.


  1. "I sublimate my rage through needlework"... i need to make me one of these :D

  2. These are awesome! I love irreverant stuff - the crafting world needs more of that! :)

  3. SO much fun!! :)

    I've been working on a few things myself lately. Just got a tute up on the blog about how to make bloomers. :) Stop on by if you get a chance!