April 13, 2008

Softie Awards, anyone?

I am amazed at the talented entries I've been seeing for the 2nd Annual Softie Awards - just check out the gorgeous detail on Mimi K's Fairy Grandmother Doll:

fairy grandmother detail
Originally uploaded by Mimi K

And this incredible handmade classic typewriter - so beautifully and meticulously embroidered:

Originally uploaded by blueblythemonster

Hey, don't let the words "Embroidered to Death" scare you off - a softie can be small, too, like this gorgeous bacteria brooch:

embroidered bacteria brooch
Originally uploaded by paynedesign

I hereby challenge all of you talented Feeling Stitchy readers and Flickr Embroidery group members - there's only 5 more days to enter and I'd love to see something from all of you (pssst! I'm a judge in this category)! More embroidered softies please! There are many categories to enter - read the details and add your entries to the Flickr group!


  1. Wow...that typewriter is AWESOME! And the peacocks are so pretty!!

  2. wow. I have never seen anything like that typewriter.....it's exciting to have an embroidery category in the softie awards!

  3. Hmmm....maybe I'll give this contest a shot: ) Although that awesome typewriter is quite intimidating, heh. Love the little bacteria!

  4. That typewriter blows me away! Fabulous!

  5. oh blimey! randomly surfing for new blogs to read I found this one...reading further I find my bacteria broch! What a lovely surprise :)