September 14, 2008

Sinister kitty

sinister kitty
from kunderwood

Kristi, you're not the only one who thinks kitschy vintage patterns like this kitty are a wee bit sinister! :) Read more about it on her blog.

By the way, is there something in the air? I keep finding so many amazing projects in the pool!


  1. I like those stripes! I am going to have to post some pics someday (but right now, I am obsessed with amigurumi! LOL)

  2. I've been thinking the same thing. I just added the Embroidery pool to my RSS feed so I can keep up with it easier and all week everything has been so good.

  3. I think the kitty is very pretty! Her eyes give her that sinister feeling.

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  5. Sinister cuteness is funny. Check out Lyle the Crocodile for great facial expressions, too. Children's books are great sources of inspiration.