September 2, 2008

Buzz Buzz...

Some fun bee themed embroidered items from the Flickr Embroidery Pool - enjoy the last days of summer!

1. a closeup of my first crazy quilt block, 2. ATC Swap, 3. Bee Button, 4. It's a swarm!!, 5. beehive pincushion 30/365, 6. Ritapizza's Towel!, 7. Bee bird, 8. Queen Bee, 9. buzzing, 10. Baby- pink bee, 11. BeeWare, 12. Bzzz Bzzz, 13. cuteness galore!, 14. Bumble Bee, 15. bee, 16. los Busy Bees

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.


  1. Look at all those bees! Super cuteness!

  2. buzz! buzz! so cute!
    love the embroidered bee on the blue fabric in the lower left corner... :]

  3. I am in love with bee's ! after reading "the secret life of bees" I can appreciate them 100% even if they can sting you!

  4. Oh, wow! So many wonderful bees!!!!!
    They look friendly on embroidery :)

  5. so many cute bee designs. great job from all the crafters on flickr!