May 24, 2010

Fill Stitches

Just an amazing Frenched Bear by Bustle & Sew.

I love a coloured piece.

I've made a little gallery of lovely filled stitcheries recently added to the flickr group & I thought you might enjoy it.

My fillers of choice are chain stitch & french knots. I'm terrible at satin stitch & not much better at long & short. I think it's got something to do with my persistent refusal to use a hoop.

What's your filler of choice?


  1. I like coloring inside the lines with crayon, best. :)

    In terms of stitches, though, I do long & short.

  2. I like to use a punch needle for fill in stitches then use regular hand embroidery for accents.

  3. Oooh Marie. I had a go with a punch needle a couple of years ago...seriously cool.

  4. I like using split stitch as a filling stitch. It's surprisingly quick and easy.