May 12, 2010

French Knot Highlights

Having now completed countless mini & doll quilt swaps over on Flickr, I can still look back and point to the single piece of inspiration that got me interested in joining my very first swap. It was this little lovely, created by Jennifer (who also blogs at Mama Urchin):

I coveted this quilt something fierce! The emphasis here is definitely more on the quilting side than the embroidery side, but look at how much just little touches of brilliant embroidery adds to the overall design of this mini:

The small french knot discs in a perfectly coordinated color are subtle, but manage to take this quilt from great to WOW WOW WOW! It helps that this was made from one of my all-time favorite fabric lines. Check out the little buttons, too.

Sigh. Three years later and I still covet this quilt.


  1. I can't french knot for the life of me, I try, I really want to, but it never looks right. So I appreciate others work. he he

  2. I love this post and of course love that quilt. Those colors are yummy. I love the french knots and have become emotionally involved with them....hahaha...after seeing all the stitchalong squares with the fr. knots on them over at Amy's Inspire co....everyone is doing little squares with the cutest embroidery on them....and the french knots...are sweet.
    Great post!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. The colours are fantastic and I love French knots. I love the texture they create, especially when grouped together.